Pruning is an important practice in gardening and tree maintenance. This article discusses various types of pruning techniques, including pruning at a branch collar, collarless union, and co-dominant stem. It also covers other pruning methods such as target cutting, deadwooding, crown and canopy thinning, crown canopy lifting, directional or formative pruning, vista pruning, crown reduction, and pollarding. The article highlights the benefits of pruning, such as enhancing structural soundness and shape, creating a view through a tree, reducing height and spread, improving tree health and appearance, enhancing light interception, and increasing fruit quality. It also explores natural pruning processes and considerations for pruning young plants. Additionally, the article discusses pruning tools and techniques, including the use of hand pruners, loppers, chainsaws, and bush saws. It provides information on basic pruning cuts, severe pruning techniques, and pruning in orchards for fruit production and tree health. Overall, this article offers valuable insights into the different aspects of pruning.


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